Mobile App consulting

We love mobile Apps. Our services span across creating basic app requirement document, wire frames, screen mock-ups to building and publishing of high-performance apps from ideation to app stores.

From your Mind to Screens

We help you quickly translate your app idea into screens

App Requierements

A detailed professional app requirement document

Wireframes & UI

Simple, professional wireframes and UI design

app prototypes

Quick prototypes based on your requirements

App building

We build your mobile app owning the end to end SDLC (from ideation to app stores)

App documentation

Professional documentation including product manual and tech specs

App QA Strategy

Comprehensive Testing strategy & Execution

Program management

End to end Program management strategy and support

Documentation Services

We create simple documents for your products, apps and business services. Our goal is to save you time, money and improve your brand value. Our team has experts in mobile and web apps, business consulting, databases and technical documentation specialists.



We help create below documents for Mobile, Web Apps and other Systems.
  • Requirement Documents

  • App User Manuals & FAQs

  • App Functional Architecture

  • App Technical Architecture

  • App Flow Documentation

  • Wireframes and UI mockups

  • App Test Strategy and Test Cases

We help create below documents for Start ups and Micro Entrepreneurs:
  • Business or Product concepts
  • Ideas Explained
  • Pitch Decks
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Research

Concepts, Ideas, Pitch decks

Products & Business Process

We help business owners create the below documents:
  • Product Manual
  • Your Business Services 
  • Your Business Processes
  • Approach
  • How it Works documents

Our team has extensive experience in the data space creating below documents:

  • Reference Architectures & Reverse Engineering Documentation

  • Functional Specification Documentation 

  • Data Architecture Documentation

  • ETL Design Documentation 

  • Data Model Documentation  - Transactional and Data Warehouses

  • Business Glossary 

  • Data Governance Documentation 

  • Data Quality Documentation 

Data Management Documentation


Learning Support

From Excel to Artificial Intelligence, if you are interested in learning something new and have no idea where to start from, we provide personalized learning support to get started. Remember, we help you get started, we do not teach or provide extensive training. Visit our website for more information.


For any new field you wish to enter, real Experts from industry helps you with the below.

  • Personalized Learning Objective Definition and Scoping

  • Field Exploration

  • Current Skill Assessment

  • Personalized Learning Plan

  • Personalized Kick-Off Sessions

  • Personalized Resource Kit

Freelancer Hiring

We help you get your first freelancer hired within couple of hours. Leverage the power of over 100 million talented freelancers worldwide. This one-one support would definitely help you save tonnes of money and move fast with your business. 


We take you through the end to end process as given below.


  • Identifying tasks that can be outsourced

  • Creating a well defined job description

  • Exploring & Choosing freelancer platforms

  • Posting the job on a freelancer platform

  • Reviewing applications & Interview applicants

  • Executing small sample projects with Freelancers

  • Creating a project plan to manage the Freelancer work

  • Making payments and Closing the project

  • Risks, Lessons Learnt and Best practices